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Fall 2018: Option to Deal with National Grid & Eversource Delays and Disruptions

Due to the increased disruption, delays and reliability breakdown of Massachusetts utility companies in the recent months, Aglow Power Electric is taking preemptive actions and urging contractors to authorize our engineering team to immediately request and coordinate with National Grid and/or Eversource the necessary paperwork and follow-up for temporary and permanent services.

The disruption is reaching an absurd four-months wait time for paperwork to convert into executable services and on-site installations. Our assessment renders that a combination of union workers’ lockout and seasonal scheduled-backlog coinciding with critical personnel vacation days has caused major bottleneck to form and stagnate utility company’s ability to respond to work requests in a timely manner. Although AGP suspects that National Grid/Eversource will catch up on backlogs eventually, it is undoubtedly clear that it will not happen in the next couple of months. This mishap represents serious schedule-compliancy risks that indicates significant project completion postponements.

As a result, AGP has responded by ramping up communications and closely following-up with key managerial personnel to expedite work orders in the last 30 days. As of the release of this Memo, we have successfully been able to secure deadlines, from primarily National Grid, that are within acceptable time frame for most of our clients. However, even though we have strong relationships with personnel in key positions to move things along, we have limited reach. Considering the monetary losses that late projects may result to our clients, we have adapted our project-flow protocol to meet changing circumstances and offer the following option(s):

Option 1 – Temporary Service on a separate Proposal. A separate temporary service proposal requires minimal monetary commitment from clients and immediately allows our team to jumpstart the paperwork process and ensure that the necessary power components are onsite prior to the beginning of the project.

Option 2 – Permanent Service Paperwork on a separate Proposal. A fixed $700 sub-contract to authorize our engineering team to contact National Grid or Eversource about electrical project scope, calculate service capacity and submit calculations, arrange easements (if necessary), schedule service dates and make necessary follow-ups months in advance. Fixed rate is debited from Agreement total in final invoice.

The preceding proposition reflects Aglow Power’s commitment to providing low-risk options to high-stake outcomes bundled in budget-conscience solutions. We strongly believe that investing a small amount of capital upfront can significantly reduce the risk of failing to meet electrical deliverables in a schedule-compliant manner as well as reducing the stress of dealing with sluggish corporate bureaucracy under tight deadlines.

We hope that these options offer a strong reassurance of AGP’s priorities and client-oriented vision to improve quality of service and positively impact our client’s bottom line.

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