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Fire Alarm

Our Solution

Our team provides a wide array of Fire Alarm services that protects homes and businesses from every day dangers of fires. We help our clients reduce risk of civilian fatality due to fire by half, mitigate property exposure to irreversible fire-related damages and avoid costly insurance and regulation liabilities through proven cost-effective solutions.

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Fire & Smoke Alarm 

Complete design and submittal package required by Authority Having Jurisdiction, Building & Fire Prevention Department.

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Turnkey & Troubleshoot

Labor, materials, and troubleshooting tools/expertise for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.



Inspections & Monitoring

System audits, full maintenance program, and 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. 

Vanderlei Cunha Jr.

Aglow Power is releasing our latest fire alarm playbook which is geared at increasing system reliability, and reducing maintenance costs. The concept is simple and the issue is critical: you can’t stipulate a maintenance budget if you don’t know the current condition of your system and the risks present. We focus on three main priorities: 

1) Life & Property Protection
2) Meeting Local Fire Department Regulations
3) Ensure that safety benchmarks are met to qualify our clients for capital investment benefits and  property insurance rebate.

Jay Cunha,
Director of Engineering

MEMO to Contractors & Investors 2022


  • Supermarkets

  • Hospitals/Clinics

  • Residential Buildings

  • Retail Stores

  • Manufacturer Facilities

  • Universities/Schools

  • Office Building

  • Industrial/Warehouses

  • State/Government Buildings

Fire Alarm Services
Certifiate of Compliance

Inspection & Certification

Attaining Aglow's Certificate of Inspection & Reliability is the first step in securing a certificate of compliance from your local Fire Prevention & Building Authority Having Jurisdiction. Our certificate includes:

  • Smoke Alarm Verification

  • Low Voltage Fire Alarm Test 

  • Life Safety Study (e.g. emergency and exit signs)

  • Egress System Study

  • NFPA-72 Inspection Form 

  • Corrective Recommendations

  • Maintenance Playbook

Small Business & Residential Building Owners

Every year Aglow Power services a wide array of fire alarm and smoke alarm (120V) systems throughout New England. Although the scope of work varies, common denominator for the grand majority is to pursue and secure a Certificate of Occupancy or Fire Certificate from local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Using internal data, Aglow Power identified a few trending patterns:


of buildings serviced by Aglow Power every year already have some form of fire and/or smoke alarm system. All are in a transition phase such as:

  • Buildings Getting Ready for Sale

  • New Commercial Spaces Fit-Outs in Plazas

  • Fire Prevention or Building Department Enforcement

  • Insurance Requirements, Deductibles, and/or Tax Write-Offs 


of the systems inspected fail due to one or multiple reasons:

  • Code non-compliancy (sensors and notifiers setup)

  • Pertinent Fire Hazards

  • Emergency Lighting Deficiency

  • Poor Egress & General Building Shortcomings 


of corrective tasks can be performed by common sense owners, property management team, handyman, or other general purpose in-house person(s).

$1,200 to

is the average savings for Do-It-Mostly-Yourself residential and small business corrective tasks, depending on condition of building and AHJ requirements. Savings continue to accrue when owners commit to in-house preventive maintenance practices. 

In response to this data trend, Aglow Power has developed a Fire & Smoke Alarm Playbook for small businesses and apartment building owners to provide a more budget friendly approach to Fire Protection solutions.

Summary Sample from Playbook

Fire Alarm System Playbook SUMMARY PAGE.png

​Playbook Include

1. Complete Onsite Survey of Building.

2. Data Test Sheet.

3. Deficiency Report.

4. Fire Hazard Assessment.

5. Electrical Wiring Condition Report.

6. Fire/Smoke Alarm Crash Course*

7. Owner Fix Up


8. Maintenance Program 

9. Certificate of Inspection & Reliability **


* Training includes high-level descriptions and block diagrams to illustrate governing principles and code dependencies limited to scope of work. 

Certificate is only issued if building meets safety benchmarks and generally accepted Fire Protection requirements in accordance with NFPA-72 & Local Ordinances.

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24/7 Monitoring

Aglow Power offers reliable and budget-friendly 24/7 monitoring services for all fire alarm and sprinkler systems! Get a quote today!

Common Fire & Smoke Alarm Setups

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