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A comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Program

Guardian Angel Platform(GAP-3)

Equipment Reliability

Unreliable equipment is extremely expensive because it exposes an organization to serious risk elements that pervades the entire production process: resulting in various sets of economic losses. In efforts to avert costly episodes, Aglow Power Electric understands that providing Equipment Reliability is key to significantly reduce risk, upend productivity and better position our clients competitively.

Organization Requirements

Aglow Power Technology

Impact Bottom Line

It is mission critical to simplify and economize all maintenance activities and responsibilities in a way that is eminently useful and can be put into immediate practice

Vanderlei Cunha Jr. (Jay) 

Director of Engineering & Innovations

Aglow Power Electric

Common Organization


Rise in Hidden Costs Due to Loss of Production

Significant Reduction in Overall Equipment Availability

Substantial Increase in Mean-time-to-Repair (MTTR)

Costly Equipment Restoration that Creates Budget Overruns

Pressure Cooker Stress-Levels Across the Organization



Guardian Angel Platform (GAP-3) is an equipment condition-based monitoring platform that employs non-intrusive inspection techniques that equips personnel with intuitive tools and information to predict critical hardware failures. Key benefits include:


Increase Potential Equipment Availability

Streamlined Maintenance Activities

Optimal Allocation of Time & Resources for Equipment Restoration

Significantly Curtail Costly Downtime



Aglow Power

Local Firm with full focus in our New England Base


Flexible & Cost-Effective Solutions that Fits Your Budget


Guardian Angel Program Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Maintenance Program


Network of 150+ Specialists and Subject-Matter Expertise To Bring Best Solution to Your Organization

About GAP

What We Do

Aglow Power Electric is a condition monitoring solution provider and we help our clients maintain uninterrupted production process through equipment inspection that predicts critical hardware failures and curtail downtime. Our core competency is geared towards reducing productivity uncertainty.

Remove uncertainty from production process and upend productivity

Establish Reliability & Availability  Requirements

Build Performance Profile

Develop Maintenance Program Footprint

Monitor Equipment Condition (Online/Offline) 

Analyze & Track Failure Modes  

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five


Establish Reliability  Requirement


Build Performance Profile


Analyze Equipment Conditions

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Track & Optimize Historical Trends



Inspection Methods 

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