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Machine Condition Monitoring



Equipment Availability

Cost-Effective Program

Foundation of Machine Condition Monitoring

Common Maintenance Risk

  • Hidden equipment failure costs due to lost production

  • Costly equipment restoration that generates budget overrun

  • High frequency of equipment functional and catastrophic failure

  • Risk of not meeting deliverable deadlines

  • Ineffective & Inefficient Production Process

Condition-Based Maintenance footprint employs tools and techniques to identify system degradation in order to Track & Restore components to its functional state in efforts to avert significant and catastrophic failures.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a technology breakthrough geared towards providing time-sensitive equipment condition information to mitigate risk of catastrophic failure. Commonly seen as a physician’s approach to a periodic patient check-up (a composition of systemic battery of tests), PdM is a well-established science where its best practitioners are differentiated by mastery of tools and procedures. Similar to the characteristics of a great physician, AGP’s own PdM services –  Guardian Angel Program (GAP-1) – carefully integrates, in circuit-like precision, redundant equipment testing to ensure prognosis is fundamentally grounded and maintenance activities suggestions are substantiated

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