Power Capacity Management

A Comprehensive Facility Energy Consumption Assessment

Power Capacity Management Report (PCMR) is a systems assessment of commercial and industrial facility power consumption patterns and profiles to identify energy inefficiencies and provide clients with comprehensive Decision Making Tools to best manage current and future business power requirements in a cost-effective manner. 

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Commerce is fundamentally dependent on electrical-based systems and circuits, while also most mission-critical components of businesses are electronically controlled. Functional and practical overview of electrical system is very important for risk mitigation, energy-saving strategies formulation, and overall facility condition monitoring.

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Condition of Electrical System

Main Distribution Panel

1200A, 3-Phase, 120/208V






PCM Report - System Condition Assessment

Power Consumption Assessment

Inspection of Electrical System Condition allows for a facility scope to be formulated and subsystems be mapped and categorized for independent energy-consumption assessment. 

Electrical Load Analysis (ELA) is important because replacing, retrofitting, adding/removing, and any other modification of components may change the total electrical load distribution in different location of the facility’s Power Distribution stability. Having an updatable ELA report allows for average and maximum load demand to be estimated and power performance projection to be extrapolated.