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Our Strategy

Most important phase, Aglow’s pre-construction team surveys worksite a minimum of two (02) weeks before commencement of work to field-verify:

  •  Power Source Condition and Setup.

  •  Code compliance.

  • Project/Building Specific Logistical Arrangements.

  •  Risk Assessment.

  • ISO 9001 Checklist. 

To provide the best service possible, our strategy is train a competent team with the latest technology available in the industry. 

Base on Phase 1, Aglow Operational Team will:

  •  Purchase all parts with ample time before work commencement.

  •  Apply & Secure for electrical permits at least one week before start date.

  • Arrange & Notify store management of start date, scope work, and special accommodations (if required) to ensure smooth execution.

  • Submit all paperwork needed (insurances, licenses, waivers, other).

Field team, materials, and resources mobilization to worksite. Services to be executed 

▪ Determine Office and Field Managers.
▪ Revision of Gantt Chart.
▪ Defining Priorities, Milestones, and Special Attentions.

Execute Scope Of Work.​

Challenges that arise from unforeseeable circumstances and events  requires flexibility and quick response:

  • Deficiency Report.

  • Technical Assessment & Solution Recommendation.

  • Change Order or T&M.

  • Adjustment To Crew & Scheduling.

Finalization of project and submittals to include:

  • Store manager or representative field sign-off.

  • Final Lien Waiver & Warranty Certification.

  • Closeout Report (pictures, narrative, certificates, other).

  • One-Year Warranty Certificate.

  • Final Invoice.

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Ex. 1 - Master Electrician

Ex. 2 - Engineering

Ex. 3 - Sales

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